Capitalising with Battery Storage

Fraser install

This customer’s solar and battery storage system in Fraser takes advantage of generous subsidies provided by the ACT Government to squeeze every cent out of the solar system on their roof.

With 7.75kW of solar and 10kWh of battery storage, this household has gone a long way towards going off the grid. Reposit’s intelligent metering and control (which uses algorithms and weather prediction to optimise battery performance), also ensures nothing goes to waste.

This 10kWh LG Chem battery storage system attracts the ACT Government’s Next Generation Energy Storage Subsidy, which can be offered by select ACT retailers including Power Saving Centre Canberra. This makes battery storage cheaper and more accessible than ever before.

On the roof, the system has 327W SunPower solar panels. Considered by many to be the best solar panels available in the residential market, these panels come with an industry-leading 25 year complete performance and product warranty.

To find out if you are eligible for the Next Generation Energy Storage Grant, contact our team at the Power saving Centre Canberra on 02 6154 5444.