Power Saving Centre Canberra Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School Install

Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School, ACT

49.92kW PV System

2 x 25.0kW SMA Inverters

This installation features 192 Jinko panels, and 2 SMA STP 25kW inverters. In addition to the solar PV system, a large amount of LED lighting was installed, further reducing electricity costs. The solar PV system combined with efficient LED lighting made for a very good return on investment.

Power Saving Centre Canberra Kingsborough Install

Kingsborough, ACT

155kW+ PV System

117kWh+ Battery Storage

We have installed solar for over 38 units and terraces for the Kingsborough Village. Over 20 of these also had battery storage installed. These systems are predominately equipped with Flex black-on-black panels, SolaX inverters, and SolaX Power Station’s for the battery systems. Combined with the solar installed on communal roof space, Kingsborough Village’s reliance on the grid will be significantly reduced.

Power Saving Centre Canberra panel