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We provide general servicing for all of our customers and can perform PV anti-islanding tests which are required semi-regularly by your DNSP.

PV Anti-Islanding Testing

PV anti-islanding tests are required for any ACT solar inverter once every 5 years.

This test ensures that:

  • The inverter ceases supplying power within two seconds of a loss of mains (the grid)
  • The inverter must not resume supplying power until mains have been present for more than 60 seconds

You will be advised on when to have PV anti-islanding testing done by mail from your local DNSP.

PV anti-Islanding testing can only be done by a licensed, qualified, and Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited electrician.


Our CEC accredited electricians can perform PV anti-islanding testing


How long will it take?
The testing should only take 15 to 30 minutes, and all we require is access to your inverter.
Is the testing mandatory?
Yes, as part of the connection application process this testing is stated as a requirement. Inverters must be tested regularly to ensure the safety of personnel who work on the DNSP’s network.


Call or email us if you require PV anti-islanding testing


Inverter Servicing and Replacements

We are able to service and replacement existing inverters which are faulty, or poorly performing.

This includes inverters which are part of a gross metered solar PV system, in which case we can quote on replacing the system with a like-for-like inverter to ensure you retain your feed-in tariff.


Retain your feed-in tariff by replacing a defunct inverter with an appropriate replacement


Panel Cleaning

Dirty, grimy, or dusty panels can reduce your solar PV system’s performance.

Most panels are self-cleaning provided they are on a sufficient tilt angle, however, if you feel that dirt, grime or dust is affecting the performance of your system, contact us to organise for your panels to be cleaned.

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