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There are now new, more energy efficient methods of heating water for your home. Generate hot water with excess solar energy or use an efficient heat pump.

Hot Water Power Diverters

Hot water power diverters use smart monitoring to determine when excess solar can be used to heat water. These devices are a small box which are installed behind your meter board.


Power diverters will use excess solar energy to power your hot water

Power diverters are compatible with any standard electric water tank, and we can even supply and install a new electric water tank if needed.
These devices use adaptive learning algorithms to optimise the use of solar energy. Information on the solar production, household usage, hot water consumption, and even forecasted weather data ensures the excess solar is use most efficiently.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are a way of creating hot water without the use of solar panels or tubes on your rooftop.


Heat pumps utilise natural energy from the air to efficiently heat water

These heat pumps come in a range of tank capacities and simply replace your existing electric hot water tank. Heat pumps will draw in air through their evaporator and ultimately use the thermal energy within the air to heat the water within the tank.



What We Do

At Power Saving Centre Canberra we can provide and install a clean, efficient solar hot water solution. A hot water solution can be provided with or without needing a solar PV system.

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