Design Considerations To Keep In Mind When Putting Up High Rise Buildings

Feb 19, 2021 Business Opportunities

Buildings. You see them anywhere. Whenever you look up, you see them almost aligned with the clouds. These buildings symbolize the developments that have transpired in the past centuries. Back then, no infrastructure could be built in such height. However, with technological and social improvements, there has been a growing need for it. Today, many buildings are skyscrapers. Everywhere you turn, you can see them skyrocketing. As it literally reaches greater heights, there are certain design considerations that you might want to consider. After all, maintaining such high-rise buildings is not an easy work to undertake.


The construction of a high-rise building entails a massive amount of investment, which you have to recover as time passes by. However, there are some approaches that you can employ to reduce investment costs in the long-run. One good way is through material evaluation models. Through these models, you can choose the materials that will suit the quality, design, and cost requirements that you need. Although it may require the building owner to shell out a greater amount of investment, the building owner could save much in the long-run due to their investment in the materials. A building owner must never fail to consider the long-run aspect of the building.


Every country has its own version of Building Code that its citizens should adhere to. This includes requirements such as growth demands, operating hours, electronicnecessities, health hazards, sewage pumping station, public uses, and many more. Incorporating these aspects in the design consideration would help the building live up to its original purpose. After all, it would be such a waste for a building to be built and not be functional at all.


Since high-rise buildings are common for office and condominium buildings, it could be deduced that ‘building changes’ are bound to happen at a more frequent rate compared to other buildings. An office building that houses various organizations could find itself renovating due to employee expansion, management reorganization, and technological advancements. A condominium, on the other hand, could face frequent renovation incidents due to its tenants. In both these circumstances, it remains important that the fixtures, lightings, and other interior systems of the building be flexible enough to cater to these frequent changes.


The haunting 9/11 attack signifies that no building is exempt from any attacks. However, such circumstance only propelled building constructors to think of other designs to protect the building occupants in times of these attacks. Assessments on threats and vulnerability, coupled with the security requirements, should be made to ensure that the building is safe. Entry points must be controlled, barriers must be built, intrusions must be detected, safe exit routes must be determined – these aspects must be considered to ensure that the building is highly secured. This will allow the occupants to feel safe and not be bothered by danger. 

Although its structure can be intimidating, recent circumstances show that buildings are also vulnerable. Consider cost-effectiveness, functionality, flexibility, and security in the design considerations in the building to ensure that your building can withstand long-run changes.