A Girls Fashion Guide to the Perfect Summer Look

Feb 20, 2021 Business Opportunities

It’s not easy to master a look that screams fashion and comfort at the same time, making summer the hardest season to dress up for. You need the right balance that would make heads turn not because you reek of sweat but because you look comfortably flawless. Here is your head-to-toe guide on rocking your summer look without breaking a sweat.

Braids & Up dos are always in!

Starting from the top of your head, the best hairdo that would complement the weather would be a braid or a bun. Not only are these classics always in trend, but they also help you stay cool under the scorching sun and require minimal effort. If you have shorter hair, then you can show off those beach curls as well, but the combination of the wind and the sea salt might end up tangling those curls and giving you frizzy hair, so it is best to keep your hair tied up.

Natural is the new beautiful

Why go through the trouble of caking your face with makeup just to have it melt off? Summer is definitely not the season for that heavy foundation or that smoky eye. Keep your makeup simple and natural by opting for nude or pink tones. Not only does this highlight your natural beauty, but it also allows you to save some cash to buy those cute girls tops online that are perfect for the summer.

Your outfits should be like the wind; light and breezy

This is your chance to bring out those comfy shorts and cute blouses. For maximum comfort, look for clothes which are flowy and light. These outfits make you look graceful without putting in any extra effort. The colours you choose are as important as your choice of outfit. Light colours complement the season and do not absorb as much heat as darker colours, which makes the weather outside tolerable. Pastels are in trend right now and are the perfect colours to complete that summer look.

Sandals or shoes? It can be both!

It all depends on your mission for the day. If you are just heading to the beach to curl your toes in the sand, it is best to stick to some Sandals or Slides. These not only prevent your feet from being surrounded by pools of sweat, but also provide you with the right mix of comfort and fashion.

You can never go wrong with them in the summer. On the other hand, if you are planning on taking a long walk or have some errands to run which require some amount of walking, then it is best to stick to some shoes. They will keep you light on your feet and make your tasks seem less tedious.

The ‘IT’ accessories for the summer: Hats & Shades

It seems like these accessories were made for the summer. Not only are they a requirement to complete your perfect summer look, but they are also required to protect you from those painful sun burns. While a Fedora, Boater hat or a Bucket hat are ideal for this season, it all depends on what suits you best. So head on over to that store and try on as many as you like until you find the right one.

To keep you fresh and safe under the sun, don’t forget your deodorant and sunscreen as well. Now that you have mastered your looks for the summer, grab those shades, slip on those comfy clothes and rock that perfect summer look with confidence.