History of Indian Jewellery

Feb 20, 2021 Business Success

Indian jewellery is different and versatile than other jewellery pieces that are available as it not only blends in perfectly with the Indian attires but it also represents Indian culture in the best manner possible.

With time the use of jewellery has been greatly influenced by the political as well as the social cultural factors. However, the jewellery in Indian culture goes back to at least 5000 years which involves the Mahabharat and the Ramayan era.

The traces of the Indian jewellery takes us back to the era of the Indus valley civilization even though the main pieces of jewellery during that era included beads, stones, strings etc. However, as time passed by new innovations and technologies were used to create different pieces of jewellery and ornaments with the help of different metals.

How Jewellery Evolved?

So what actually led to the evolution of jewellery? In order to determine that one needs to go back to the 16th century in which the Mughals had the ruling power in India. They were the pioneers of bringing new innovations in the way jewellery was designed and the designs that were available in the market.

They make sure to utilize their knowledge in the most effective manner possible as different engineering processes were used to create something unique and intriguing out of the gems and metals that were available.

During that era, the use of stones and precious metals was confined to the elite class only as they were a sign of status or background that people actually belonged to.

India was always considered to be the pioneers especially when it comes to exporting gems throughout the world. They are rich in terms of gemstones that can be used to make beautiful pieces.

Furthermore, the first mining of diamonds was also done in India. Initially the diamonds were used mainly as a form of obliging an important person or for the purposes of gaining immortality.

It is because of the use of jewellery in India that people all across the world experimented with different techniques to come up with something unique. The classical dancers of India provide an accurate depiction of Indian culture as they are adorned with intricate yet sparkling pieces which give them an overall exquisite appearance.

With each passing day the trend to adorn and decorate yourself with Indian jewellery has become quite famous as every community and culture is integrating jewels in their everyday life. Many new designers have introduced new form of innovation to ensure that the field of jewellery designing continues to evolve without any stagnant problem.

The era of adoring yourself with intricate and delicate pieces is here to stay and it is going to continue till several years to come.