What Should You Know Before Buying Used Car Parts?

Mar 3, 2021 Business Success

Buying used car parts is becoming very popular. But there are as many cons as there are pros. We’ve dived into everything to consider below. Why don’t you keep reading?

You’ll Save Money

One of the biggest benefits of buying used is that you’d be saving money. Auto-parts can cost thousands of dollars. You’d especially be saving if you look hard before settling on a shop – some dealers may be offering parts at more affordable rates than others.

It Could be Fake

How do you know what you bought is genuine? The auto-part should come with an OEM number. A dealer would happily give you it. Buying used, the seller might not provide it, as the item they are selling is fake.

You could know if it’s genuine or not by getting a mechanic to inspect the part for you. The seller might not allow this, while a dealer would.

The Part Might Break Down

Being used, the parts aren’t as reliable as newer ones. You’re advised to carefully inspect their condition. You don’t want to buy anything that looks like it’s about to fall apart. The cash you spent would go to waste, as you’d have to replace what you bought soon.

What’s unfortunate about this is that you’d have to pay for a mechanic to remove and install the replacement too. In total, you could spend as much as buying new.

No Warranty

Who are you going to be buying the parts from? You’ll probably find it hard to purchase used options from dealers. That’s why you’re restricted to individual sellers. They are going to offer the warranty that came with the product when they bought it from the manufacturer.

It might be almost over, or even worse, expired. You’d have to pay a lot to get the part fixed if it ever gets damaged. This would be a shame if you just bought a new ford falcon water pump replacement. They tend to be hard to come by.

No Return Policy

You not only need a quality warranty, but you must get a return policy as well. Even though used auto parts are cheaper than newer counterparts, old ones still aren’t super affordable. You might unfortunately pick the wrong part up. Unless your fans of the cash you spent being flushed down the drain, you’d return it.

This can be hard as you didn’t buy from a dealer. As you’re buying from an individual seller, he might say that there is a return policy when buying the product. However, once you try to return it, he might change his word. 

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons why you’d want to buy the parts used. But compared to newer ones, we think there are more cons than pros. If you are going to go the second-hand route, make sure that who you’re buying from is reliable, as there is a high chance you might get a very beat-up product.