Benefits of Ceramic Coating Your Car

Mar 12, 2021 Business Opportunities

You probably are aware of ceramic coatings for vehicles, but you may not be aware of their advantages over other layers of protection such as sealants or wax.

A ceramic coating is a long-term outer covering that chemically blends with the paint to form a dense, glass-like transparent layer that seals and protects the colour for years. Every one of these ceramic coating advantages (and more) are detailed below, but then again you may want to learn more about ceramic coats and what it does to shield your car’s finish first.

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating, also known as nano-coating, is a liquid polymer that binds to the layer of your vehicle, forming a long-lasting protective top layer of your body.

It is hard, dense, and translucent, with the appearance of glass, and it adheres to the surface of your car semi-permanently. The coating’s thickness gives the car a rich gloss look. It is hand-applied to the outside of your vehicle, fully covering it, and should be mounted by a professional for the best performance.

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What Does Ceramic Coating Do?

The ceramic coating on a car chemically combines with the paint, forming a long-lasting protective coating.

A ceramic coating shields the clear coat layer below it from damage.

The clear coat coating covers the paint layer of your vehicle, but it is easily scratched and damaged. Even minor abrasive wear with the clear coat can result in noticeable damage, so having a protective coating on top of it is critical.

UV rays from the sun are shielded by ceramic coatings. UV rays will eat away at your car’s paint without cover, causing corrosion and fade. It not only protects the paint, but it also gives it a beautiful deep-gloss finish. This greatly enhances the appearance of your vehicle.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

Protects Against Sun Damage and Oxidation

By stopping ultraviolet rays from touching your car’s paint, ceramic coating will shield it from the sun’s rays. If a car’s top coat surface is not adequately covered, it is normal for it to be affected by the sun over time. Repairing a fading clear coat is difficult and costly.

Ceramic coating will keep your car’s finish looking fresh and shiny for years by shielding it from sun damage.

Protects Against Swirls and Light Scratches

The ceramic coating’s hard, dense layer can help to avoid light swirl marks and minor scratches.

By making a tough layer on top of your ceramic coating, you can make it more resistant to abrasion and therefore reduce the likelihood of scratches or swirl marks. Although it helps to reduce this type of injury, scratches are still inevitable and cannot be completely avoided. Simply put, the ceramic coating eliminates the risk of scratches causing harm to your paint.

Easier to Wash

Even though your car will remain cleaner for longer, it will still need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Luckily, a ceramic coating can make cleaning the dirt off your vehicle much easier.

Since the layer of a ceramic coated car is so smooth, dirt would have a difficult time adhering to the paint, making it incredibly easy to wash away.

This will help speed your washes and make cleaning every inch of your car easier.