Ideas for Easy, Unique Party Giveaways

Mar 18, 2021 Business Success

Throwing a party isn’t a piece of cake. It requires a lot of preparation. If you’re new in this industry, don’t worry as you’d get better in time. If you want to surprise a person who’s close to your heart – whether it is a birthday, or getting elected to a position, make sure to plan for it ahead of time. DIY or buy party giveaways. The latter is more ideal if you don’t have time to DIY. Here are some party giveaway ideas you can consider.


If you’re trying to come up with a practical party giveaway, go for tumblers. Your family and friends will love them, for sure, as they can bring around their favourite beverage wherever they go. To add a personal touch, make them personalized. Be sure that they’re odorless, though. So, it’s important to check each before you buy in.

Plush Toys

For a baby shower, you can give plush toys for giveaways. The jellycat bunny is a great choice as it can match any baby shower theme. It looks cute and the kids will surely grab it during the party.

USB Wallet Cards

A photo card is one of the most common party giveaways. Generally, it contains the photo of the celebrant with a “Thank You” printed on it. It’s a good party giveaway idea, but it doesn’t actually have a use. When thinking of a party giveaway, be sure to choose one that’s useful. Instead of a photo card, why don’t you give a USB wallet card? A USB wallet card will be of help to your family and friends as they’d be able to have a USB flash drive around in their wallets.

Succulent Plants

Succulent plants make an excellent party giveaway as they offer an array of benefits – it can boost mood, increase air quality, and reduce anxiety and stress, and so much more. There are many stores that sell succulent plants for a reasonable price. If you want the succulent plants to look more attractive, put them in artsy pots.

Fresh Fruits

Nothing beats food as party giveaways. Place fresh or candied fruits in mason jars. It’s easy to make, and your family and friends will appreciate it, without a doubt. Don’t forget to put a label and personalize it with ribbons and tags. It’s ideal for party theme, like food, garden, and anything incorporating fruits.

Inspiring Journals

If you have a plan on handing out pens on your party, it’s a cool idea to give something to write on, too. Go for inspiring journals and notebooks that will encourage your family and friends to write often. Writing is a nifty skill to learn as it builds discipline and helps us to express us who we are as people. To make it more special, wrap them on a special paper wrapper with your name on it.

Scented Candles

If your party has a lot of girly charm, scented candles placed on teacups are a dandy idea. You can give it if you have a vintage party theme as well.

Make your party remarkable by giving any of these party giveaway ideas.