The Ultimate Essentials to Mastering the Casual Look: Men’s Edition

Mar 25, 2021 Business Success

There’s no excuse for that messy look you walk out of your house with. Trust me, no one finds it hot. Dressing up is a skill in itself. It’s something you need to master. There’s a very fine line between casual comfort and the homeless look.

These are some essentials you need to have in your wardrobe to stay above that fine line:


You cannot say that you don’t own one of these. These are the definition of casual comfort. They are easy to wear and possess a stylish subtlety. It is best to stick to plain crew neck cotton t-shirts to keep you comfortable. White, navy, blue and grey are the best colours to get started with. When choosing T-shirts, look for ones that fit you well but don’t go too far that it seems like you’ve just put on a second skin because that’s not flattering.

Polo Shirt

A step up from the t-shirt, its best to give off a ‘smart causal’ look. Match them up with your good quality jeans and you will look classy & comfortable at the same time.


Some casual outings require a sharper look than a simple t-shirt could give you. That is why you need to make sure to stock up on some casual shirts as well. Plain colours are a safe choice but if you are going out to the beach with your friends, you can add in a floral designed shirt as well. Pop off a few buttons and roll up those sleeves for a more relaxed look and feel.


The commoner of the casual outfits; denims are a timeless piece that never go out of style. Since denims are worn more often, it’s best to go for quality jeans like mens nudie jeans. You can make sure that a few washes won’t give them a faded look.


A great casual look, chinos are a step up from those denims. Stick to khaki, navy and beige colours which you can mix and match with many shirts and t-shirts. Pair them up with the same t-shirts you wore with your denims and be amazed by how a simple pant can elevate your whole look from casual to smart casual.

Jackets & Hoodies

If you feel like that t-shirt is too basic for your look tonight, match it up with a bomber jacket. Jackets are another timeless piece that you can keep in your wardrobe for some time. Stick to classics that won’t go out of style.

Besides the jacket, hoodies are the street fashion style that give off an edgy and sporty vibe. Pair them up with some skinny jeans and some sneakers to pull off that cool modern look.

Casual Footwear

Even if your outfit is casual, bring out your best sneakers to pair them up with. White sneakers are a must-have, but that’s not your only choice. Expand your footwear collection to include some loafers and boat shoes as well.


These are the additional pieces to elevate your overall look. You can stick to the basics; a high-end watch and a classy leather belt. Own a pair of shades as well so you can slip it on when the sun decides to glare at you.

These 8 essentials are more than enough to change your dressing style from drab to fab. Stick to them and you will notice heads turning at your impressive fashion sense.