Making Your Home More Energy Efficient – 6 Things to Do

Mar 26, 2021 Business Success

It’s a smart move to make your home more energy-efficient. There are quite a few things you could do, which is why we narrowed them for you. Keep reading to learn more.

How Are You Cooling Your Home?

There are several things you can do to improve your home’s cooling. Some would reduce the amount of energy you use. You might not have ceiling fans in your home – they’d circulate air, getting rid of heat. They generally take up less electricity than AC units. Invest in them.

What’s more, specific DC fans that don’t suck much power exist. These options would drastically cut your energy bill.

Speaking of keeping your home cool, why don’t you draw the curtains? They would prevent heat from entering and escaping. You wouldn’t have to worry about blasting the AC or heater as much.

Where is Your Fridge?

Unfortunately, you placed your refrigerator next to your stove. If you think about it, you’d realize why this is a bad idea. The heat from the stove would make it harder for the fridge to cool food down. It would be forced to use more energy to tackle the heat.

Similarly, don’t place your fridge in a spot exposed to direct sunlight. The heat from the sun would do the same thing as the oven.

Invest in Solar Panels

Why depend on energy supplying companies when you can make your own power? Install solar panels. Just make sure you work with the right team. Large names like Solar Power Co Energy will provide expert service.

Try and Compost

You know what they say – reuse and recycle. There could be several things around your home that you could reuse. However, what would give you the most bang for your buck would be the organic waste from your kitchen. Collect them and create compost. Purchase some seeds and grow them with the compost – you’ll be saving energy while being sufficient as well.

Unplug Your Chargers

Even if your phone or laptop isn’t plugged into their chargers, they may still be taking up power. Unplug them. If you do some calculations, you’d realize you’re wasting a lot of energy because of chargers in the long run.

Microwaves vs Ovens

Do you own an electric oven? If you can do what you want with a microwave instead of the oven, definitely do so. Heating something in the microwave would save a lot more electricity. Conventional ovens are known to use as much as 60% more power. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to keeping your home energy efficient, there are several great things you can do. From the list, what would give you the most bang for your buck would be installing solar panels. There probably are many companies around you that would get the job done – you’d never have to rely on an energy supply company again.

What’d help you stay energy sufficient would be improving the cooling in your home too. Fans are much better alternatives than air conditioners.