How to Choose the Best Pastry Scraper?

Mar 31, 2021 Business Success

A dough or pastry scraper is an indispensable tool every baker must have. It comes in various sizes and is made out of different materials. It’s very handy and there are numerous uses for it, not only to help you work on your dough. It could also be used for cutting butter, depending on much the recipe asks for.

You could scrape off dough from mixing bowls or from the surface where you are mixing and kneading. You could cut the dough evenly since some of the best scrapers come with a ruler and you could even use it as a tool to transfer pastries to a baking tray, without the dough sticking to your fingers.

Since it is an essential tool in a baker’s arsenal, you have to make sure that you purchase the best by figuring out the pros and cons of each scrapers.

Metal scraper

Pros: Metal scrapers are made out of stainless steel which makes it durable, easy to clean and would withstand even being wet or used with dry and wet ingredients. This type of scraper comes with a handle that makes it easy to grip and use. The handle is usually non-slip for easier gripping. The edges of metal scrapers could also be used for other things such as chopping fruits or crushing nuts as toppings or to be mixed in with your pastries.

Cons: Metal scrapers could not be used on non-stick surfaces and could not be used to scrape off dough from mixing bowls since it is not pliable. No matter how stainless the steel is, it could still rust especially after years of use.

Plastic scraper

Pros: Plastic scrapers are more flexible and are best when scraping off dough from mixing bowls. Since their edges are soft, they are perfect for any surface and would not scratch or damaged them. They are perfect to use on non-stick surfaces. Plastic scrapers are also easy to clean and dishwasher safe

Cons: They are less easy to grip compared to metal scrapers. Your hand might also slip especially if it already greasy. Another con of plastic scraper is that it might be too blunt to cut dough, unless you would purchase one with a bit of sharp edges.

Silicone scraper

Pros: Silicone scrapers are same with plastic scrapers when it comes to malleability and being safe to use on all surfaces. One of the advantages of a silicone scraper is that it is temperature resistant especially if you purchase banneton man dough scrapers. They are also durable, easy to clean and easy to grasp. It’s perfect for those who could not tolerate the weight of metal scrapers which could feel weighty over time.

Cons: Could only be used for scraping dough.

Now that you know the materials often used in making scrapers and the pros and cons of each one, what matters most is how comfortable you are in gripping it since you would be using it a lot. Choose one that feels best and which will not tire you from working with.