Month: September 2021

Benefits of a Cloud Contact Centre Compared to the Traditional Model

If your business is still using the traditional call centre model where you are focusing entirely on telephone communication, it is time to think about branching out into different media. If you have a PBX in your office, you need to purchase hardware and install them, install phone lines and keep up maintenance. You can completely do away with the costs related to these services by switching to a cloud contact centre. Not only will you be operating your call centre on social media, voice, text, email, web chat etc., but you will also need to provide a strong internet connection to get started.

Nowadays, there are many e-commerce businesses that operate through social media largely due to the recognition it garners the company. The cloud contact centre software can be integrated with your other channels including your email services so that it makes for a very efficient system. If you are wondering how to set up webex for my contact centre, there are cloud contact centre providers who will do all the legwork for you and take care of the updates to the system and maintenance as well. In comparison to a traditional PBX system, you will not need to allocate space to set up your cloud based contact centre and you will not need to keep generators running. You will be able to drastically reduce ongoing costs for customer management when you make the transition to cloud. If you are using other apps to facilitate your call centre services, you can replace their use with the installation of a cloud system as these come with so many features and additions.

The traditional PBX system is not built for flexibility. This is a crucial factor in today’s business world as the pandemic has forced many small businesses into working from home. But with a cloud based contact centre, you don’t need to worry about remote working. It is built to be used from any location as long as you have a working internet connection. This makes it easier for managers to supervise their team. And the employees at home can even use their personal devices as a cloud based system allows the integration of a variety of devices over different internet connection points. You will be able to keep up the customer service of your company without any drastic changes in the event of an emergency. Remote working has been thought out when it comes to designing cloud contact centre software like Webex as they have end to end security even when different devices are used. This way you can be assured of the privacy afforded to your clients and employees.

Cloud contact centre software is designed for rapid installation and setting up. It will take a considerably longer time when it comes to installing a traditional call centre due to all the hardware, workstations and network installation required. Because you have taken the hardware out of the equation, you can set up the system and customize it to your requirements in a shorter time making it a smoother transition and instantly uplifting the efficiency of your customer service.