WFH Vs. shared working spaces – why are shared offices are better?

Nov 6, 2021 Business Success

We’re in the period where the COVID-19 is slowly fading away. As it does, we have a question in front of us to answer; should we continue WFH (work-from-home) setting, or should we go for a shared working space? The short answer is going for shared working space, and in the long answer, we’re going to dissect the reasonsbehind it.

Preserve the professionalism better

When you’re functioning at an office, it shows that your business is legitimate, and you should be taken very seriously. Fulfilling that with all of your employees at home can be quite an issue. Thus, shared working spaces are much better in protecting that professionalism.

It’s foolish to hide until the storm passes

Although there are health safety concerns, a majority of Australians have been vaccinated enough. On top of that, these coworking space developers ensure the health safety of their premises because they do not want to make it to headlines with a bad message.

But most importantly, when you’re in hiding, your competitors are slowly getting back on their feet, and the later you do, the far behind you’d be.

Cut off unnecessary and exploited utility allowances

Since the work has to be fulfilled in the best way, there’s no doubt that the company pays for both the Wi-Fi and a considerable amount of the utilities as well.

But the nature of the people pushes them to exploit these facilities, and it’s about time the company stops affording these unnecessary expenses. In doing so, going for shared offices is the ideal alternative.

Adhere back to office working setting

Working in an office allows employees to focus better. After all, who likes to work when their child is playing around, and the spouse wants to have regular chitchats. But it’s important to limit these distractions to obtain the optimal services from the employees.

Now that the pandemic is slowly fading away, it’s essential to go back to how things used to be. If that much of change feels too drastic or unaffordable, starting off from shared office spaces is the right thing to do.

Increase effective communication

Communicating in real life is a process of expressing yourself via several aspects; body language, the eyes, the tone, and this list goes on. Thus, when you’re receiving a text message when the employee could have expressed it better in real life, you need to think about the impressions they’re making with clients.

Because unlike you, who wants nothing but the best for your company, a client wants to fulfill a need, and for that, they won’t hesitate to replace you just like that. Amending any risk leading to such a situation should always be a prime priority.

Build better bonds amongst the employees

When your employees are working from home, they only get to see the faces of each other during meetings. Given how long it has been that some companies have adhered to WFH, the disconnection of the employees from each other is immense.

Hence, you should decide whether this disconnection should be allowed to continue damaging the company harmony or fix it with a shared office.