Month: December 2021

What to Know About Converting Your Van into a Refrigerated Van

If your business required refrigerated transport services, you should look at how you can obtain these services. Most of the time, if you are a start-up business, finding capital to spend on items can be difficult. If you already have a vehicle, you can consider how to convert it to refrigerated transport.

If you own a van you can look at how you can convert it by obtaining the services of a company that specialises in van refrigeration. This is something you can do by yourself as well. But if you don’t have the technical knowhow, it is best to invest in conversion by a professional company. This is still more affordable than buying a refrigerated van or truck. There are many home refrigerated van kits that are offered by different manufacturers to provide a solution to this issue. However, you need to be aware and have a background in this field to ensure that no issues come up during the process. This will depend on the items that you are carrying as well. If you are transporting sensitive food items such as dairy products, meat or fish, then it is very important that you get this service done by a professional company.

The two systems that are essential for the refrigeration system is the refrigeration mechanism and the insulation system. The cooling system ensures that the heat inside the refrigerated van is captured and released to the external environment. Insulation ensures any heat coming inside. These systems make sure that the temperature inside the van is kept at the refrigeration conditions that are required for the specific item that you are transporting. You will find that there is a network of pipes in the roof of refrigerated compartment for the cooling system in order to capture the heat inside. This is the condenser. There is a coolant fluid within the pipes that can absorb heat and transfer it to the evaporator system. This system is located on the top of a refrigerated van. It cools the coolant fluid and takes the absorbed heat from the coolant to expel it outside. This operation should take place constantly in order for the temperature to remain at the same level inside the van. The system should be specially calibrated to the make and model of the van.

Insulation is a non-mechanical system when compared to cooling. Generally, high density polymer foam is used for installation. It is quite similar to Styrofoam. But it is a thicker material and has higher durability. This insulation ensures that the heat doesn’t come in. You can change the thickness of the insulation when you need to keep a lower temperature inside the van. You need to cover every inch of the loading bay with insulation and make sure there are no gaps. You can line the foam after installation and this will prevent any damages to the foam during loading and unloading items. You also need to keep up with the maintenance to ensure the quality of goods delivered.

Things to consider before buying Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are a common fixture in both residential buildings as well as commercial spaces due to the safety and privacy they offer. Roller shutters are steel or metallic sheets covering an entrance or exit than can be raised or lowered electronically to open or close the opening as required. In the past they were popularly used in commercial spaces and industrial locations such as stores and warehouses but have increasingly been used in residences as well at present, especially as garage doors and the like. This article describes several factors that should be considered before making an investment in roller shutters for your residence or place of business.


One of the main advantages of roller shutters is their cost effectiveness, compared to other solutions that cover the same area or offer similar features. Roller shutters are also highly customisable and modular, allowing the selection of required features and designs without needlessly spending on unused features. Suppliers such as a fair price roller shutters may offer different tiers of roller shutters which can be selected based on the requirements and use cases to maximise value for money. Higher quality roller shutters are naturally more expensive than their lower quality counterparts.

Usage frequency

Roller shutters use electricity to open and close, which may be a concern if they are frequently opened and closed. The electricity consumed can quickly add up to a substantial cost of the motors are running for a large part of the day. Roller shutters excel at concealing a space or opening it to provide maximum space with the door itself moving out of the way. If frequent opening and closing is required, an alternative may be of better use. Additionally, if the doorway is used by vehicles such as forklifts or trucks, the clearance height should be considered before use.


Roller shutters are extremely flexible in the features they offer, including fire resistance, weather resistance, noise reduction etc. Before purchasing a roller shutter system, the required features should be determined and whether the roller shutter should be expected to serve that purpose. For example, for noise cancellation, simply getting a roller shutter than dampens noise rarely suffices. Therefore, the selection of the roller shutter should work in tandem with the other building elements to create the ultimate goal of the design successfully and without conflict.


When considering their use in commercial or residential spaces, maintenance is important to ensure the building aesthetics and functionality are not hindered as time passes. Roller shutters notably require a higher degree of maintenance than standard doors and windows and the mechanism should be reviewed periodically to ensure proper function. Cleaning the roller shutters is time consuming as the ridges and grooves should be cleaned as well. Moreover, it is extremely dangerous to repair the spring-based opening and closing mechanism of a roller shutter system as they are under high tension and can cause injury or death if not handled by a professional.