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Monitoring your solar PV system and household energy profile is easier than ever. Monitoring provides complete transparency of your PV system and household loads.


It is now possible to monitor exactly how your solar PV system is performing and even how you are using energy in your household. At the Power Saving Centre Canberra, we offer various types of monitoring for any system.


View your solar and household energy behaviour on any smart phone, tablet or PC


Production Monitoring

Production monitoring will allow you to see how much power your solar is producing at any given time as well as historical data on the performance of the system.

The benefits of production monitoring:

  • Ensuring your solar PV system is performing as expected.
  • Identifying any problems with production and identifying inverter faults.
  • Comes at no extra cost for any solar PV system.
Power Saving Centre Canberra Solar Graph
Production monitoring is available for any solar PV system, at no additional cost


The only downside to this type of monitoring is that you do not have the functionality to see where your solar is being used – i.e how much of the solar energy you produced was sent to the grid and how much was used by household loads.

Production and Consumption Monitoring

Consumption monitoring will show you when and how much energy your household is using. Production and consumption monitoring combines these two types of monitoring to show exactly how the solar energy is being used, and where the energy consumed by the household is coming from.

The benefits of consumption monitoring:

  • Allows complete transparency of your solar PV system and household energy usage.
  • Allows you to make smart decisions based on your energy usage to ensure maximum self-consumption of solar.
Power Saving Centre Canberra Solar Graph with Consumption
Consumption monitoring provides complete transparency of your energy usage


Although production monitoring is part of any solar PV system, consumption monitoring requires an additional component which is typically installed in the meter board.

With consumption monitoring, you can take full control of your energy usage and begin managing your loads to maximize your solar self-consumption and return on investment.

Battery Monitoring

All battery systems come with monitoring that allow you to see the performance of your battery.

You will be able to see the state of charge for your battery, as well as the rates of charge/discharge of the battery over the day.

Power Saving Centre Canberra Reposit Monitoring

Panel-Level Monitoring

SolarEdge systems provide panel-level monitoring which shows the performance of each individual solar panel.

This adds further value to your system – allowing you to pick up on issues or faults with individual panels.

Power Saving Centre Canberra SolarEdge Physical Layout

System Walkthroughs

At the Power Saving Centre Canberra, we offer in-person system walkthroughs to customers to:

  • Explain how your newly installed solar PV system will work.
  • Show how to access the monitoring portal for your system.
  • Explain how the monitoring portal works, how to navigate it, and how to interpret the data.
  • Answer any questions you may have.



What We Do

At Power Saving Centre Canberra we can provide a monitoring solution for any solar PV system. Our system walkthroughs will ensure that you have complete confidence in how your solar PV system works and how you can monitor your system yourself.


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