Power Saving Centre Canberra Fronius Ground Mount Install

Fronius Ground Mount, NSW

17.4kW PV System

This ground mount system was proposed to a customer as a solution to their high household consumption and limited roof space. We took care of all the groundworks and concreting required for ground mount system. This ground mount system allows for an optimal north facing orientation and 30-degree tilt which can produce 73kWh per day on average.
Power Saving Centre Canberra SMA & Tesla Powerwall 2

SMA & Tesla Powerwall 2, NSW

5.23kW PV System

13.5kWh Battery Storage

This system consists of SunPower 327W panels, an SMA Sunnyboy 5.0 inverter and a Tesla Powerwall 2 battery – some of the highest quality components available. The backup functionality of the installed Tesla Powerwall 2 provided this customer with more reliable energy, even during blackouts.
Power Saving Centre Canberra panel