Power Saving Centre Canberra SolaX Power Station

SolaX Power Station, ACT

11kW PV System

26kWh Battery Storage

One of our largest residential battery installs which boasts a massive 26kWh of battery storage. The system is made up of 4 batteries split between the two SolaX Power Station units. This system has allowed the customer to effectively have almost no reliance on the grid for power.
Power Saving Centre Canberra SolarEdge & LG Chem

SolarEdge & LG Chem, ACT

8.0kW PV System

9.8kWh Battery Storage

This system uses a SolarEdge StorEdge inverter with a DC coupled LG Chem RESU HV 9.8kWh battery. This system has helped to cut down the customer’s daily electricity usage by over 50%.
Power Saving Centre Canberra panel