Power Saving Centre Canberra Flex Panels

Flex Black-On-Black Panels, ACT

6.3kW PV System

5.0kW Fronius Inverter

This system is an ideal standard urban residential system through its good quality components, aesthetically pleasing system layout, and consumption monitoring. Oversizing the solar array ensured this customer got the most out of their inverter while maximising the STC rebate on the system. The simple panel layout and all black Flex panels ensure a design fitting for a modern home. The consumption monitoring ensures this customer has complete transparency in how much solar energy they are producing, and where that energy is being used. This system has already started to cut their consumption in half while further increasing savings by exporting the excess energy.

Power Saving Centre Canberra SunPower Fronius PV

SunPower & Fronius, NSW

5.8kW PV System

5.0kW Fronius Inverter

This system in the new development of Googong uses the new SunPower P19 320W panels which boast a 25 year performance and product warranty at a very competitive price point. Coupled with a Fronius Primo inverter, this system is built to last.

Power Saving Centre Canberra SolaX Power Station

SolaX Power Station, ACT

11kW PV System

26kWh Battery Storage

One of our largest residential battery installs which boasts a massive 26kWh of battery storage. The system is made up of 4 batteries split between the two SolaX Power Station units. This system has allowed the customer to effectively have almost no reliance on the grid for power.

Power Saving Centre Canberra panel