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Clean, renewable energy directly from the sun.
Solar energy systems are a great addition to any home and put money back in your pocket.

How It Works

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are able to convert sunlight into electricity. The key to solar PV systems are the solar cells, which are specially engineered to be electrically excited when sunlight hits its surface. A solar module (or solar panel) is made up of many solar cells. The solar PV system is made up of a number of components which are important to understand when you are purchasing a solar energy system.

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When purchasing your own solar PV system ensure that you are attentive to the solar panels and the inverter as these are the two key components of any solar PV system. They are also the components which make up for most of the cost of any solar PV system.


Over the day a solar PV system will produce energy that correlates with the available sunlight. This means that a solar PV system’s performance is affected by the time of day, time of year, weather and shade – as well as the tilt and orientation of the solar panels.

A typical production curve of a solar PV system under ideal conditions would look similar to the one shown to the right. The production of a solar PV system does not begin until the sun rises, peaks in the middle of the day when the sun is at its highest point, and back down to zero once the sun has set.

To make the most of your solar PV system, ensure that you use your electricity during the day as much as you can.

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What We Do

At Power Saving Centre Canberra we will design, install, and service solar PV systems for your home or business. We work with you, the customer, to provide the optimal solution to meet your needs. We offer a variety of high quality brands of panels and inverters to meet any budget.


Power Saving Centre Canberra panel