What Factors Affect How Long Nicotine Takes to Be Broken Down?

Mar 5, 2021 Business Success

Whether you vape, smoke cigarettes or use nicotine pouches, once nicotine is inside of you, it’ll be there for a while. But there are several factors that would influence how fast the chemical would be broken down. We ran through them below. Keep reading.

How Old Are You?

Depending on your age, how long nicotine would be inside of you would differ. People who are older have bodies that excrete the chemical slower.

Someone who’s very young would have it completely removed from their blood in 48 hours. While cotinine, which is a residue from the chemical, stays in their system for a little less than 3 weeks. Someone who’s over 40 would have the cotinine in their blood for 3 weeks or a little more than it.

What’s Your Weight?

Fat levels are directly proportionate to how slow nicotine would be metabolized. The chemical can be stored inside fatty tissue instead of being removed. This is a reason why older people have nicotine in their bodies for longer, as they’re generally not as healthy.

You may have a nicotine test coming up, and you’re scared of the substance hiding inside of fatty tissue. If you think you can burn fat off in such a short period of time, you’re wrongly mistaken.

How Much Water Do You Drink?

Water is needed for survival, as it is the medium for metabolic reactions to take place. How long does nicotine stay in your body, is influenced by how much water you intake. Because the breaking down of chemicals are metabolic reactions.

Unlike trying to burn fat before the test, drinking more water is something you can easily do.

Water helps excretion occur more smoothly too, which helps with the chemical being removed.

Be More Active

Similar to the above point, you can boost your metabolic rate by being more active. If you’re not the most active, don’t worry. Just doing more basic tasks would help. 

Don’t try and go overboard. You could dehydrate, and in turn, slow down how fast metabolic reactions would take place.

How Often Do You Smoke?

Nicotine is a substance that rapidly accumulates once inside of you. It’s broken down in the liver, which is where it’s stored the most. It’s quite simple – the more nicotine you ingest, the more of it there will be.

If there is not that much of it, it would be removed from your body faster. There is a higher chance of it being stored in fat tissues when a lot of the substance is present.

Your Diet

Antioxidants help toxins be removed from the body. Eat a lot of food with them if you want to get rid of the nicotine as fast as possible. You’ll love to know that dark chocolate is full of antioxidants, so are strawberries and blueberries!

Final Thoughts

It’s great that many things boost how fast the chemical is broken. Make use of our points if you want to see the best results.