Essentials to Setting Up Your Very Own Kitchen

Mar 18, 2021 Business Success

Finally moving into your very own apartment for college? Or are you finally going to try your hand at cooking? Whatever the reason may be, it is good to learn the basics of cooking. Especially when living alone, you realize how impractical and costly it is to buy ‘take out’ every day. Learning to cook can help you cut down on unnecessary costs and helps you save up for those new shoes you need or those college books you have to buy before the term starts.

Here are some essentials to setting up your kitchen for that first cook and many more to come:

Equipment to cook and utensils to dig in

It is essential that you stock up those cupboards with the basic cooking and baking equipment. Buy those pans and pots to make those savory meals, casserole dishes to try out that lasagne you have been craving to eat and baking tins to master your baking skills.  You also need to purchase spoons, knives and forks to dig in to those delicious meals, and plates and bowls to present them in. Don’t forget to buy some cups as well to pour in that hot morning coffee that gets your day started.

The raw materials

Next thing you should do is head on over to the grocery store to buy those items for your first cook. The food items you purchase depend on what you are trying to make. If you have finally made a decision on a recipe you want to try out, then fill that shopping cart with the necessary fruits, vegetables and meats. Don’t forget those pantry essentials as well. Pick up that baking powder, cocoa powder and sugar for that moist chocolate cake you want to bake this weekend or that ketchup, soy sauce and vegetable oil for that mac & cheese dish everyone loves.

The special ingredients that differentiate a bland dish from one packed with flavour

Commonly referred to as condiments, these are an essential part of any dish you are trying to make. Without them you will just have a dish that looks good. To convert that tasteless dish to one that bursts with flavour, do not forget your condiments. The basic condiments are chilli powder, cardamom, garlic and ginger paste, pepper and varying salts like sea salt, chilli salt and table salt.

Containers for those left-overs

Purchase those storage bags/containers to store last night’s left-over dinner for today’s rushed breakfast. This saves up money from having to purchase an extra meal and also saves time for your commute to college/work. It also ensures that you do not skip breakfast and fall ill.

Items to clean up the mess you made

With no prior cooking experience, the kitchen is bound to get messy. It is good to be prepared for the inevitable by buying some sponges to wipe those greasy stains and cloth to clean the countertop. Include soaps and a scrubbing cloth in your list as well to keep those pans you used and dishes you ate in spotless.

With these essentials you are set to starting on that first meal. Once the essentials are purchased, you can slowly add in other necessities to the kitchen like a cutting board, spatula and oven mitts. Cooking can be used as a stress reliever and who knows? You may even realize that being a chef is the career you want to pursue.