Saving on Your Electricity Bill – 7 Ways to Do It

Mar 26, 2021 Business Success

Tired of raking in a large electricity bill? There are quite a few things that may be causing this. We ran through the best things that’ll help you save below.

Change Your Light bulbs

A major reason you may be hit with a large bill could be you leaving the lights on all the time. You might think light bulbs don’t take up a lot of power, but some are not very efficient; they suck up power and waste it as heat.

The heat produced could be causing you to get a higher energy bill too. Your home may be hotter than it should be, so you’re blasting your AC.

Natural Lighting

Invest in natural lighting. Your home would look bigger, and you wouldn’t be switching your lights on all the time. You could get your windows replaced for larger ones or have more installed into your home. From all the options on our list, this is one of the more expensive. But we think it’s worth it.

Increase Insulation

You can cool your home with thick curtains. They would act as insulating barriers, preventing heat from the outside entering. This reduces how often your AC would be on.

As they’d act as insulating barriers, you wouldn’t have to worry about losing heat in the winter either. The warmth your heater produces wouldn’t be able to escape.

Something else that can increase insulation would be double-paned windows. However, thick curtains are the more affordable choice.

A New AC

Let’s talk about your AC again. It might be really old. It could be like your light bulbs, sucking energy and wasting most of it. Newer air conditioning units were made to save energy. You’d be saving quite a bit with them.

A Ceiling Fan

Something that takes less electricity than ACs are ceiling fans. A DC ceiling fan would be the best choice, as it doesn’t take up that much power in general. What’s great about the fans is that they make spaces look chicer too.

Be Mindful of Laundry

How often do you do your laundry? A tip to save electricity is to wait until you have a full load. For one, washing machines weren’t designed to handle half loads, so they’d be more efficient. And getting as many clothes cleaned in one go would prevent you from using power again and again.

Maybe You Should Microwave?

If you have an electric oven, consider whenever you can use your microwave for what you need instead. The microwave would be able to do what you need in a shorter period of time.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to saving electricity, there are enough and more ways to do it. We discussed 8, as they are the best. From our list, the easiest thing you can do is increase the insulation in the space. You’d be limiting the heat entering and escaping, not having to blast your AC or heater that often.

Something else that’s pretty easy is changing your light bulbs.