Benefits of Google Workspace for Your Business

Oct 12, 2021 Business Success

Google Workspace was previously known as Google Apps and it provides cloud hosted tools to boost the productivity of your business through collaboration, creation and increased mobility. It also has a customer support system that remains throughout the day and this support is provided through phone, email and chat functions.

You may be familiar with some of the features provided by Google Workspace such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Hangouts, Google Calendar and Cloud search. Gmail is commonly used by users all around the globe and this is something that most businesses use to communicate with their customers, employees, stakeholders etc. You can have an unlimited number of personalised and professional email accounts. You can also look at Google Workspace pricing for different office suits that offer a range of applications and storage solutions. Google Docs and Sheets allow users to create and edit documents, presentations and spread sheets all from the web browser. This is great for promoting collaboration within the team and there are many tools that allow better communication through document sharing, comments, built-in chat etc.

Google Hangouts is an alternative to Zoom where you can connect to clients and other team members. You can have video conferencing and host up to about 250 participants at a time. You can schedule meetings and other events through Google Calendar which will be linked with your mail. This allows for email reminders as well.  Google Drive can store all your documents and you can share these documents and customise permission settings as you like. The unlimited data provided here can be a great asset for any business. You can also use Cloud Search to track any file that is hosted in your company through Gmail, Google Drive and other related apps.

The main benefit of Google Workspace and the multitude of features provide above is the broad accessibility offered. You can access Google Workspace from anywhere in the world and these apps are compatible with any browser. There are online features as well that you can use for added convenience. You can be assured that your information is kept safe through the security protocols put in place by Google such as 2 step verification and login monitoring. You will be able to have unlimited data in Google Workspace for business and you can have a reliable backup for you at all times. There are data migration tools that will allow you to transfer data to and from several devices.

There is also a Google Workspace Admin Console which will allow for increased control of company operations for managers. There can be certain restrictions that can be applied for employee accounts, devices, data and apps to make sure that they are used appropriately. Google Workspace offers cost effective solutions to maintain daily company operations. You can save the money spent on maintaining company servers as well. With collaboration tools, employees will be able to save on travel costs and software costs can be brought down when you are paying for a Google Workspace account which takes care of all the features and security protocols.