How a Property Manager Can Improve Your Property Value

May 1, 2022 Money and Business

Property management is a complicated job and if you have a lot of rental properties to manage, hiring a property manager who has a lot of experience will be a good idea. When you are an investor, it can be hard to manage the property and also manage your investment portfolio. A property manager is responsible for making sure that your returns are maximized and your property value increases over time.

While procuring tenants for your newly acquired building is important, you simply can’t select any tenant who has an interest in the building. There is a relationship between property value and tenant selection. If you happen to sign an agreement with a bad tenant, there can be a lot of financial damage that can occur as a result. It is not only failure to pay rent that can occur; they may fail to report issues with the apartment such as a water leak that will cause significant damage over time and require a lot of money to repair. The tenant can also damage the property. So you need to be very thorough in selecting tenants. This is something that a property manager will be able to carry out. You can read about the importance of hiring a property manager on rental news. The value of the property can decrease when the bad tenants are selected.

A property manager will carry out regular inspections of the building. Then the tenants will be held responsible for the condition of the property and they will be able to let the building manager know whenever there is an issue. There has to be a positive relationship between the tenants and the building manager so that issues can be resolved at the beginning. Also, with regular inspections, the building inspector will be able to spot any issue that the tenants may have missed such as signs of insect infestation, roof leaks etc. These types of inspections will also allow the manager to assess rent. Because the property will not be allowed to fall into disrepair and issues will be rectified early on, the value of the property can be maintained.

A property manager will organize any contractors for the maintenance and repair work for the property. They will ensure that reliable contractors will be selected. If a new contractor is selected, the property manager will ask for several quotations and select a reputed contractor for the job. Attending to repairs early on will prevent you from having to deal with costly repairs later on. As property managers have a good idea of what the rent in the market is for different conditions of properties, they will be able to assess the property and make recommendations on which repairs will be more beneficial for the property value. They will know which repairs to prioritize to get a higher return. Your property manager will assess the rent with similar properties in the area to adjust the rent. This will allow them to increase the rent after some time. The project manager will also assess the effect of renovations on the rental return and carry them out accordingly.