6 Fun Ways to Enjoy Mushrooms

Jul 10, 2022 Business Success

If you are a mushroom lover, you are probably a pro at enjoying them in loads of different ways to suit your mood and your need. Nevertheless, here you might still want to take a quick look at this list of fun ways to eat yourfavourite mushrooms.

Add Them Fresh!

Have you ever tried tossing fresh mushrooms in your simple everyday meal? If you haven’t, give it a shot the next time you’ve got freshly bought mushrooms with you. Be it a soup, or a main dish like lasagne, simply toss in some fresh mushrooms just to add a little something to your simple dish. Don’t forget, they add a significant amount of nutrition, too!


If you are always strict about snacking healthy, mushroom snacks – chips and mushroom jerky, might be just the ideal option. These are snacks that are surely worth hunting for because they aren’t just healthy, but yum, and you simply couldn’t be more satisfied with your snack.

Look for some of the best kinds you can find in nearby stores, especially if you have certain food intolerances. Make sure you pick good quality items, and good brands so you can savour your snack without a worry!


Fresh Mushrooms are great in your sandwiches, too. If you wish, you could swap some with chicken or beef, and you’d be in for a super healthy and satisfying meal. Simply slice some fresh mushrooms up, and use them in place of a burger patty, along with tomatoes, lettuce, and whatever else you fancy. However, if you want some flavour, you can choose to grill or sauté your mushrooms, instead of using them fresh in your bun. 

Roasted Mushrooms

The sound of it tells you this is a snack. Nevertheless, you can choose to eat roasted mushrooms in any way you like, and whenever you like! Have them alone like snack, or use them like an addition to another dish.

No matter how you choose to eat them, there is nothing but pure enjoyment that you’d feel. Simply brush them with some oil and bake them, tossing them around occasionally, in a baking tray until they turn brown. 

Grill Them!

One thing about grilling is that you can bring out more flavour by adding your favourite seasonings and oils. Mushrooms are like one of those easy-going veggies that you can feel free to experiment with, and would turn out great anyway, no matter what! Thus, if you are not sure what to do with a bag of capped mushrooms, simply throw them on the grill and it’ll never go wrong!


This one comes last because it is almost like the most common thing anyone would choose to do with a batch of fresh mushrooms. Sauteing is always an option where veggies are concerned, and is something you can do even if you don’t really know how to cook!

All you’d need is some oil, salt and pepper, and you are good to go! Again, this always becomes a winner, especially with mushrooms because they just don’t get ruined easily, no matter what you choose to do with them!