Tips and Tricks for Safely Buying and Using Scented Candles

Feb 27, 2021 Business Opportunities

We have all heard or read that it is dangerous to light scented candles because of how it is bad for our health. There are scented candles that could release harmful contents such as formaldehyde which could increase your risk for cancer. There is also the possibility of having an allergic reaction to scented candles which could result to blockage of the sinus, sneezing and runny nose.

Do not deter in buying scented candles since there are also numerous benefits to lighting one such as lavender and chamomile scented ones could help improve your mood and make the overall atmosphere of your home a cosy and relaxing one. When you go and buy scented candles, follow the below tips and tricks to make sure you are buying candles that would not actually harm you or your family.

Purchase natural candles

Although they could be pricier compared to other kinds such as candles made out of paraffin, purchasing candles made out of natural materials could ensure that you are not burning and inhaling toxic materials. Candles from natural materials include soy wax, coconut wax, palm wax, beeswax, vegetable wax, etc. Once you read in the labels that the candle is made out of these ingredients, they are safer.

Purchase candles with own container

Candles with their own container are generally safer and more economical since you would not need to buy a candle holder for them. Their own container would suffice. It would also be less likely for anyone to knock them over since candles with own container are usually made out of glass or tin, which is heavier. Melted wax will not also spill if your candle has its own container and the risk of someone being burnt or your console table being damaged because of the hot wax is an unlikely probability.

Although, this is the case, you should not just buy any candle that has its own container. Check whether the container is heat resistant. Don’t buy candles with plastic container because the container might also melt with the wax. If you buy candles in glass containers, make sure that the glass is double walled to ensure that the glass would not be hot to the touch after lighting the wick. You can go to a glasshouse candle sale and look for something you like. If there is any problem with the vessel or container not being heat resistant, you could ask for a refund or exchange of items.

Purchase candles with the right wick size

This might come as a surprise to others, but the candle’s wick size also matters. Who would have thought that if the wick is longer than ¼ inch that it is unsafe? Before you start lighting the candle, make sure that you cut the wick if it is too long. Avoid thick wicks and wicks that have wires inside to keep it upright. Safe wicks are those that are thin and braided and curls when burned.

When you light scented candles, make sure that you do so in a well-ventilated area to avoid any possible ill effects because of the fume. Make sure as well that you keep it out of reach of children and pets.