What to Know When Purchasing Custom Team Uniforms

Nov 19, 2021 Business Success

It can be difficult to find the perfect uniform for your sports team that will suit all your teammates. There are certain things that will help you choose a custom uniform. But you need to start looking for a company long before you need uniforms as you need to account for re-fittings and revisions.

You will also need to buy the uniforms in bulk as you are outfitting an entire team. It will take time for the company to prepare the order for custom jerseys. This way you can account for any delays a well. You can order before the season starts so that there is an assurance that you will get the uniforms well before the required date. It depends on the size of your order as well. When it is a large order, you need to keep more time. You need to look at what your team wants most from a uniform. Is it comfort, price or durability? Or do they place more priority on the custom branding? You need to narrow down on this element so you can choose a company that will prioritise this. You need to talk to your teammates and see what they value most so that you can come up with a few key features that all of them value.

The order for the uniforms will last for a few years. You will need to order replacements during the seasons as well. There can be new team members that are added in the middle of the season because of different reasons. There could be rips or tears in the uniform because of an injury. Whatever the reason may be, you need to prepare for any issues that may happen. You should ask about the minimum quantity of the company when it comes to re-stocking. Maybe you can get a discount on the price with a minimum quantity. You need to look for companies that provide features that will make the uniform of your team unique from others. You need to look at the colour of the uniform and the branding specifications when selecting a final uniform design. Sometimes going for smaller companies may be better as larger companies will have many uniform designs that look similar.

The sizing of the uniforms is crucial. You need to get the measurements for the entire team beforehand so that you can have faster production. If the company that you select doesn’t ask to confirm sizing selection, you can request it. You can also get some default sizing for new members. You can also prepare the artwork or logo of the team beforehand to save time for production. You can ask them to send digital samples of the artwork before production starts so that there are no errors or mix-ups in the final result. You need to ask the company beforehand whether this is a feature that they provide. This way, if you feel as if the design needs improvement, you can ask them to halt production until you confirm the design.